Davis County Courthouse clock restoration nears completion

The Davis County Courthouse clock restoration may finally be reaching an end.

After procuring a Community Foundation Grant and receiving private donations, the city of Bloomfield was able to remove the clock and begin the restoration project this past April.

Rory DeMesy, a contractor from Minneapolis, was hired to head the project. After disassembling the clock, DeMesy took it back to Minneapolis, produced new hands, and cleaned up the mechanism.

He brought back everything but the clock itself which remains in Minneapolis.

Ron Bride, Davis County Supervisor, said the clock is a rare model and was missing a piece only found in two clocks around the country.

However, he said DeMesy has arranged to retrieve the part in Maryland.

"He was able to contact the person in Cumberland, Maryland who's the caretaker of the clock out there," said Bride. "And he worked out an agreement to go out there and disassemble that clock and take a raw mold of it so he would be able to reproduce it for our clock."

Barring any setbacks brought about by winter weather, the project is set to be completed in about two months.