Davis County Elementary healthy lunches prove to be a success thus far

Davis County Elementary cafeteria staff serve healthy lunches.

Students at Davis County Elementary are enjoying healthy lunches thanks to a pilot program funded through the Iowa State University Extension Office.

Davis County Elementary is one of three schools in the state of Iowa participating in 'Recess Before Lunch.' By weighing the leftover food after the students are done eating, ISU is able to see what the kids like and dislike. Representatives from the extension office came in to measure that on Friday, and they will make modifications accordingly.

The school's principal Jennifer Donels says kids are able to select the sides they want, which is part of what makes the program such a success.

â??I think it's super important,â?? Donels said. â??I think it's vital that we try to teach kids not just about being good readers and being good students at school but it's also vital we teach them how to take care of themselves and be healthy productive citizens.â??

Today's menu included milk, cheese pizza, broccoli, corn, applesauce and a cookie for dessert.