Davis County High School students collect jeans for homeless teens

One out of three homeless people are under the age of 18, and the most common item these youths request is a pair of jeans.

Davis County High School students are aiming to give back to these teens in need through the "Teens for Jeans" project.

Students are collecting jeans for the cause until February 7th.

The jeans will then be taken to retailer Aeropostale which will then distribute them to homeless teenagers.

The idea came about through a community action project in one of government teacher Ricci Herr's classes.

Davis County Middle School caught on to the idea and is helping as well.

Herr said the project allows students to get outside of themselves.

"My expectations are that students start getting involved and being more civically active in their communities," said Herr. "So this was just an opportunity for us to be a part of helping other people and not just thinking about ourselves."

Bloomfield community members are encouraged to drop off old and unwanted jeans at Davis County High School or Middle School before February 7th.