Davis County Hospital Board votes for CEO's resignation

Over 50 people in the community attended the Davis County Hospital Board meeting.

After a two-and-a-half hour-long meeting Thursday night, the Davis County Hospital Board is asking for the CEOâ??s resignation.

Over 50 people in the community came to this board meeting. Some residents have had outspoken concerns regarding the closure of the hospitalâ??s long-term care unit and staff layoffs during CEO Deborah Herzberg's tenure. The first part of the meeting consisted of an open forum. During that time, resident Garry Klicker and Dr. Jake Settles both voiced their opinions.

"An individual from the community made comments about the possibility of a local person serving as CEO of this institution," Settles said. "In my personal opinion, aside from Deb Herzberg, I am not aware of any person in Davis County who is qualified to be the CEO of a hospital."

"My primary reason along with the employee issues of wanting Deb Herzberg to resign is because of the treatment of those poor people that are in long-term care," Klicker said.

While the meeting went to a closed session, Klicker told KTVO he felt one doctor who spoke was talking down to the general public.

No one knew for sure what the board was discussing when they talked behind closed doors. The board opened the doors back up to the public for its vote. It was then that members voted unanimously to request Herzberg resign by April 14.

"I just hope and pray that the community will support us going forward so that this hospital can thrive in the future," Dan Thompson, board member said.

The next hospital board meeting is set for Monday, May 19. During this transitional period, the board is focusing on hiring the next CEO with a mentality of building trust and relationships