Davis County hosts annual mule and donkey show

32nd annual State Show and Futurity in Davis County

Lots of donkey and mule owners and enthusiasts are spending the weekend at the 32nd annual State Show and Futurity, including 7-year-old Rylie Lawrence who was dressed to impress.

â??We do this every year, and it's something I really do, and I love mules and horses,â?? Lawrence said.

The day was packed with nearly 50 events, and Rylie had a busy day ahead of her.

â??We have to do the competing champion thing and the Walk Trot,â?? she said.

A total of nearly 600 participants came out for the big event.

â??It's been going on 32 years, I fell in probably around the 8th year or somewhere around there,â?? DeWayne Cason said.

Cason just got done showing his 5-year-old mule. He says itâ??s an expensive yet rewarding hobby.

â??Oh it all pays off,â?? he said. â??It's a lot of fun--a lot of entertainment. There's money in it. Yeah it's enjoyable.â??

Kids ten and under were the stars of several of the dayâ??s events at the Davis County Fairgrounds.

â??I feel so excited when I go into the arena and when I get my place, it's really really really fun and really really really exciting,â?? 10-year-old Ashtyn Ellison said.

The fun continues on Sunday at the fairgrounds. For more information click here.