Davis County re-elects Sheriff Davis for another term

Sheriff Dave Davis will once again be sheriff of Davis County

In Davis County, it was between incumbent Dave Davis and Buddy Harsch for the coveted sheriff position.

Sheriff Dave Davis will be keeping his title as sheriff.

He said he believes the department has been doing a very good job with dealing with cases around the county and doesnâ??t think much change will be happening within the department.

â??Economy wise, it makes it pretty tough for us to looking into anything, much change with our office so I understand that and Iâ??m going to try to continue keep giving a great service to the community with the funds that we have,â?? said Sheriff Davis.

Sheriff Davis said that crime does not stop during the time of the election and in the past couple of the months there has been quite a bit of burglaries and thefts in Davis County.

He urges residents to tell their neighbors when you will be gone and when you will be home and for everyone to keep an eye out for one another.