Davis County residents sound off on recent changes at Davis County Hospital

At Monday night's Davis County Hospital board meeting, Bloomfield residents voiced their concerns about recent significant changes.

The citizens presented the board with a 600 signature petition which called for the resignation of CEO Deborah Herzberg.

It also aired the grievances of residents.

The petition conveyed the unhappiness among the community in regard to recent employee terminations, reduction of their hours, and the cutting of their benefits.

Residents were displeased about the closing of the long term care unit and plans to eliminate EMT while also contracting ambulance service.

The petition stated all of this was detrimental to the health and welfare of the community.

Citizens claimed they were not making judgments, but reflecting the current community perception.

"Based on these perceptions, we are asking the board and the CEO some difficult questions to explain to us--the citizens and taxpayers, the patients in the hospital--what is the real situation, the truth?" said resident Jim Carlisle.

The hospital defended its actions saying small hospitals around the country are closing.

And that if it doesn't make the right financial decisions it won't be around much longer.

The hospital said if it wants to survive it needs to be willing to look hard at areas that need to be cut back.

The hospital said that requires leaders to make tough decisions when not popular.