Davis County residents wait for completion of courthouse clock repairs

A watch supply company based in Minneapolis is working to restore the historic clock on the Davis County Courthouse.

Many Davis County residents are patiently waiting for the courthouse clocks to be newly refurbished and working again.

Renovations on the clock began last year. A watch supply company in Minneapolis is working to restore the clock. Restoration was only expected to last about six months. While the hands have been re-installed, there was a piece missing called a verge. The clock mechanic had to travel to Maryland to disassemble a similar clock to make a pattern of that missing part. Davis County Supervisor Ron Bride says now a prototype has been made to try to get the clock to function.

"It is a historic clock," Bride said. "It was put in in 1879 made by Seth Thomas, and it had a particular movement called the Hotchkiss Movement, which they only made for a few years, so it's a pretty special piece of equipment."

If the prototype works then the mechanic will cast the final piece, and it will be disassembled and brought back to Bloomfield. Bride anticipates the clock to be fully functioning next by this summer at the latest.