Davis County Schools: One school, one community, one goal

Davis County Middle School students gather for a homecoming pep rally.

In the Davis Community School District, it is all about the kids. Administration, teachers and even the kids themselves, cooperate to achieve one school, one community, one goal.

The elementary school is focusing on literacy and writing. Middle School teachers are in their third year of a new instructional model and the high school is gearing up for mandatory testing in October. And that's not all, there's a big push for healthy meals and a new oven allows kitchen staff to cook to the plate.

"It's healthier. Because for example, a cheese sandwich, we don't have to put butter on it to end up with a cheese sandwich," said Dan Roberts, Director of Sports Services. "So it's healthier, but then, just the quality. The French fries are coming out without using oil and so it's just the quality is also [better]."

For the week of homecoming, the halls of Davis County are bursting with Mustang Pride. And not just at the high school, spirit is district-wide.

"We've had probably more kids than I can remember as far as involved in the dress-up days and the activities," said Davis County Middle School principal Ryan Woods. "Just like I told the student body, any time they can be involved in any kind of activity, that ramps up our school spirit and I think that improves our performance, not just in activities, but in academics as well. So the culture right now is great. Couldn't be happier."

Davis County High School principal Jeff Graves said there's always a push for students to be involved in activities.

"We have a tremendous amount of kids involved in homecoming week, it shows enthusiasm and spirit for the school," Graves said. "We have other schools comment about our school spirit at home volleyball games. I know it's a great atmosphere to be in."

That atmosphere carries on past homecoming as well. Every staff member, from the lunch ladies to the bus drivers, strive for excellence and are committed to the kids.

"We really are here to do what's best for the kids and our kids enjoy it here," said Jennifer Donels, Davis County Elementary School principal. "We make them feel safe, we make them feel wanted. I think they get a very good education coming out of our elementary building and we're very proud of what we do, there's a lot of pride here and we certainly take care of each and every kid like they're our own."