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      Davis County schools serve up smiles all summer long

      <font size="2">The Davis County summer lunch program offers a free meal to any child under the age of 18.</font>

      Summer hasn??t slowed down the kitchen at Davis County Middle School.

      ??We??ve served well over 5,000 meals already this summer, and we??ve peaked, our best one day so far is 349 meals, so we??re really excited about the success that we??ve achieved and again it??s been because of the efforts of many,?? said Davis County Community Schools Superintendent Dan Maeder.

      This is the first year Davis County has offered the summer lunch program to area residents. They started serving at the conclusion of the school year in May, and really didn??t know what to expect.

      ??Originally we thought we would just go for the months of June and July to see how it went this first year, but we??ve had such great success that we??re seriously considering pushing it into August and serving right up until the school year starts,?? said Maeder.

      Lunch is served Monday through Friday with locations in Bloomfield, Floris, Pulaski and Drakesville. The program offers a free meal to any child under the age of 18.

      ??You know my wife and I both work, and if my kids were left to themselves to eat, we probably wouldn??t serve them as nutritious of a meal as we should be serving them, during a summer day, just because everyone lives a very busy life. But to know that they can come here for a half hour, my wife, neither one of us have to prepare a meal, it??s here provided for them and we know that it??s highly nutritious and it tastes great and the kids are going to eat it, so we know they??re going to be well nourished in the summer which doesn??t always happen,?? said Maeder.

      So the summer lunch program offers a solution, and with very little waste.

      ??The ladies in the kitchen can tell you, how quickly they can prepare a meal for kids, so we have very little waste, very little leftover on a daily basis, and that??s something we??re very proud of as well. It helps keep the costs down for families and also the federal lunch program,?? said Maeder.

      Even more good news, adults are welcome to grab a bite too.

      ??It??s $3.50 for an adult to come eat a meal, we have a lot of adults, grandparents, parents, day care providers that come out and eat lunch with these children, it??s a great time to spend with your kids too, if you??ve got a 20 minute lunch break, half hour, come out, have lunch with your kids, they??ll love it,?? said Davis County cook Pamela Cantrell.

      And despite strict federal health guidelines, Maeder says their lunches can??t be beat.

      ??Our meals here are second to none, they do a wonderful job providing highly nutritious meals that taste good, and kids keep coming back,?? said Maeder.

      ??You know, they are excited, they come in here, we get a lot of day cares that come in here with the kids, you know we have one day care group that comes in and every day they yell at us ??Thank You?? and that makes my day. It??s amazing,?? said Cantrell.

      All of which contributes to their one main goal?|

      ??Our school lunch program is another example of how Davis County Schools achieves our goal of one school, one community, one goal: the best that we can be,?? said Maeder.

      There are no income guidelines for participants of the summer food program, so if you'd like to see a menu or find out more information about the program click here to visit their Facebook page.