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      Davis County students step back in time

      Some Davis County Elementary Students got a chance to live history on Tuesday.

      It only took Jill Nelson's second grade class a few minutes to walk from their classroom to the Davis County Historical Complex, but those steps took them back to the 19th century.

      Every year for 20 years, Nelson has taken her students to spend a day learning at the one room school house just off the square in Bloomfield.

      The students read from McGuffey reading book, have a math contest and when KTVO arrived were engaged in a hotly contested old time spelling bee.

      Nelson says the trip has become a staple of her class.

      â??This is an experience they remember for many years to come they often come back and ask me if we still got to the one room school house. I say yes that's an annual event they get the opportunity to see and use history instead of just looking at it," Nelson said.

      She says the day wouldn't be possible without the help of former Davis County teacher Isabelle Boatman, and the cooperation of the Davis County Historical Society.

      If you want to experience history for yourself visitors are welcome to tour the school house and the other buildings on the complex. Click here for more information.