Davis County targets three bridges for summer construction

This bridge outside of Drakesville is just one of three closed for repair.

Davis County Secondary Roads are working to make room in their budget for bridge repairs. Most projects cost between $300,000 and $700,000, which makes it difficult for the department to repair all of the bridges that need attention.

This summer, the department is focusing on three; the Boatman, Bassett and Ross Robinson bridges. Those bridges were marked as a priority due to substantial damage.

"In May of last year, the Boatman and the Bassett Bridge, both of them, were severely damaged in the floods, so there was no choice, we had to close both of them," said Dave Grove, Davis County Engineer. "And the other one, Ross Robinson Bridge, it has been on target for about 15 years, so we're finally able to get to it."

Grove said federal and state funds will help with the replacement of the Boatman Bridge. Both the Bassett and Ross Robinson bridges will be about 80 percent federal funding and 20 percent local funding. The money set aside by the county supervisors from the local option sales tax and funding from Iowa's Time 21 program, which comes in the form of about $250,000 a year, will make up the majority of those local funds.

The state sets the start dates for construction on the Boatman and Bassett Bridges, but Grove said he hopes they can get started sometime this summer. The Ross Robinson project is slated to begin in August.