Dawson speaks out on prostitution charge

Ben Dawson

In an exclusive interview with KTVO, Centerville City Council Candidate Ben Dawson spoke Thursday afternoon, to defend himself against the charges that have been filed in Appanoose County.

Dawson told KTVO; first and foremost that he is innocent of both the Prostitution Charge and the Charge of Assault with Intent to Commit Sexual Abuse.

"I have never touched the woman in my life and I am willing to take a lie detector test if she is; because I have done nothing to this woman," said Dawson.

The person that court records identify as the victim, told police that Dawson grabbed and began kissing her neck after receiving money that Dawson was allegedly loaning her.

The paperwork goes on to state that, Dawson allegedly offered to reduce the debt that the victim owed to him, if she would allow him to perform sexual favors on her for his pleasure.

Dawson says he believes the charges are simply an attempt by the complaining party to avoid making good on her financial obligations to him.

"I am one of the most respected people in this town. As a veteran of two wars and a very active member in the community, things going on; I've just haven't done anything wrong. It's disgusting to think this would happen at 83 years old," said Dawson.

Dawson went on to say that despite the charges, he fully expects to win a seat on the Centerville City Council next Tuesday.

Police began their investigation in June of this year; though Dawson wasn't arrested until Nov. 1.

Centerville Police Chief Tom Demry told KTVO on Thursday his department stands by Dawson's arrest.

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