DEA insists cold drug can be used in meth-making

A cold and allergy decongestant made by a Missouri company and now being sold nationwide contains a new form of pseudoephedrine that's being billed as difficult to use to make methamphetamine. But the Drug Enforcement Administration is still refusing to allow it to be sold over the counter.

The DEA says government chemists were able to manufacture methamphetamine from the product. So like other products containing pseudoephedrine, Zephrex-D must be sold from behind the counter.

Zephrex-D has been sold in Missouri since December. Suburban St. Louis company Westport Pharmaceuticals rolled out the product to 15,000 pharmacies nationwide during the past month.

Westport says the amount of meth that can be made using Zephrex-D is so small that it's impractical for meth-makers. The Missouri Narcotics Officers Association says it hasn't found the product in any meth labs.

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