Dead animals along Iowa's roads

For our Facebook Story of the Day, our fans wanted to know; who is responsible for removing and cleaning up dead animals along the roadway?

KTVO spoke with officials in several counties. In Jefferson and Davis County, it is common procedure for the secondary roads department to remove the dead animals along county roads.

However, in Wapello County, a different procedure is followed. KTVO spoke with Wapello County Supervisor Jerry Parker about the topic.

Well, the county really doesn TMt remove animals off the roads. If we get a call about a deer that is dead and close to someone TMs property, and the can TMt remove it, we will go and drag that deer to the nearest wooded area. We don TMt haul it to the landfill or anything like that, said Parker.

When it comes to roads operated by the Iowa Department of Transportation, they would be responsible for cleaning up any debris or dead animals along the roadway.

Many of KTVO TMs Facebook Fans believe that it would be the Iowa Department of Natural Resources TM job to clean up the dead animals, however, it is not.

On county roads, the Iowa DNR doesn TMt pick them up. The county may pick them up on deer. We don TMt do small animals like raccoons, opossums, things like that, said Parker.