Decision should save city thousands on insurance costs

A decision made by the Kirksville City Council Monday afternoon will save the city tens of thousands of dollars per year.

During a special meeting, council members voted unanimously to change the city's insurance provider.

MIRMA has been Kirksville's insurance provider since 1987.

Due to increasing costs, city leaders decided to seek bids from other insurance providers to see what else was available and at what price.

The council voted to go with Midwest Public Risk, which will potentially save the city up to $60,000 a year.

"Certainly, the cost-savings was the biggest thing,â?? said Melanie Smith, Kirksville assistance city manager. â??The coverage between our current provider for 1012, MIRMA, and the new provider are very comparable so the service will be the same, just at a cheaper price."

The council also approved changes to the city code regarding business licenses.

City leaders said there had been some confusion lately about who is required to pay gross receipts fees and what is considered a taxable service.

The changes define who is a plumber, electrician and HVAC technician.

Plumbers are not required to pay gross receipts, but an HVAC technician selling equipment is required to a pay gross receipts fee.