Decorate a bra, â??Save a Rackâ??

"My cup runneth over" decorated bra for the Save a Rack Fundraiser.

It's that time of year; the Save a Rack Fundraiser is ready to kick off again for the 3rd straight year.

The Macon Women of Today will sponsor the save a rack event to promote breast cancer awareness.

The fun-filled event will feature the decorated bra contest and the totes for ta-tas. There will be a live auction and real men will be dressed up like women all for a good cause.

â??Everyone I know, knows somebody who has cancer,â?? said Lois Noland the chairman of Save a Rack Fundraiser. â??While that person is diagnosed, it affects everybody who loves them. And so this is a chance for us to come, it's a happy joyous occasion, even those fighting right now, they come to have a night to laugh and to forget about that and to just feel the support of a community who loves them.â??

Last year the fun-filled event collected $5,000 for the Randy Johnson Memorial Fund to help individuals with breast cancer.

The event will take place Saturday at the Macon County Expo Center at 5:30.