Deer Archery Hunting Season

Archery Hunting Season for Deer is right around the corner. It starts Sunday, Sept. 15th. Randy Gardner, a protection agent with the Missouri Department of Conservation stopped by the set of Good Morning Heartland to give us all the details and what you need to do before you go hunting.

WATCH VIDEO above to learn more.

CLICK HERE to view rules and regulations.

Bow hunters: We Need Your Help!

Please participate in the Bow hunter Observation Survey.

The Conservation Department needs bow hunters to record the deer, turkeys and furbearers they see while hunting. This information helps biologists gauge the health of wildlife populations and set hunting regulations.

Itâ??s easy to participate. Just send an email to Write â??Bow hunter Observation Surveyâ?? in the subject line, and donâ??t forget to include your name and mailing address. You can also send your name and address to:

Bow hunter Observation Survey

Missouri Department of Conservation

3500 East Gans Road

Columbia, MO 65201

Weâ??ll send you a diary to record the deer; turkeys and furbearers you see while bow hunting. At the end of the season, drop the postage-paid diary in the mail. Once Conservation Department biologists tally the information, theyâ??ll return your diary along with a summary of sightings for the entire state.

Missouri Department of Conservation

Northeast Regional Office

3500 S. Baltimore