Deer dart through the windows of Memphis businesses, leaving a trail of damage behind

American Family Insurance

Business owners in downtown Memphis are cleaning up the damage after two deer break into their businesses around 7:30 Sunday morning.



of the incident on YouTube. (Viewer's discretion is advised; video contains foul language.)

Sgt. Zac Campbell with the Memphis Police Department said the deer jumped through the plate glass windows of at least four businesses on the 100 block of E. Monroe Street, on the town square.

Campbell said when they arrived on scene, they found a deer inside one of the businesses. He said they tried to get it out the back door, but the deer had other plans. He said it jumped out the front window and scurried down the street, probably looking for the other deer that helped it do the rest of the damage.

Sgt. Campbell said the incident is pretty unusual and was quite the scene. He said he thinks the deer were panicked and just randomly started jumping through the windows of the businesses, one after the other.

The businesses that were damaged include Memphis Mercantile, American Family Insurance, Coffrins Shoe Store and Ketchum Heating and Cooling. Campbell said the business owners showed up later in the morning to board up the windows.