Deer population all but eliminated where CWD was found

In 2012, the Iowa DNR was testing for CWD in the wild herd.

State Representative Curt Hanson told KTVO Saturday that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources continues to fight Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Davis County.

According to Hanson, officials with the department have believe that the entire deer population on the Drakesville preserve is almost eliminated.

â??I was informed by the DNR the other day that there are but two deer left on the Drakesville preserve; and they are trying to de-populate that area down to zero. The next question is, what do you do with that property now that it is de-populated? Because, it is contaminated with Chronic Wasting Disease and the important part is that we do not allow the wild herd to become contaminated with the disease,â?? said Hanson.

Hanson added that the Iowa DNR will continue to monitor the situation and keep a pro-active approach to CWD, rather than re-active.

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