Defense begins to present case in Techel trial

Seth Techel in court

Jurors in the first-degree murder trial of Seth Techel had a short day Monday.

On the first day of its case, the defense put only five witnesses on the stand.

The first two defense witnesses testified about seeing the Techel's together the day before Lisa's murder.

Second Street Cafe waitress Tammy Gray said that the couple seemed normal when they stopped in for breakfast that morning.

The Techel's friend and banker, Nate Bissell, told jurors that his conversation with the couple was also routine.

Bissell, a new parent himself at the time, said they discussed the couple's pregnancy.

"We were just kind of discussing if they needed anything. I said we'd just had a baby recently, so just making sure that if they needed anything. I am sure that there is stuff we could have gotten rid of," Bissell said.

On cross, Bissell admitted at that time he was unaware of the coupleâ??s obvious marital problems.

Jurors also took yet another tour of the Techel property thanks to a crime scene video shoot by a DCI investigator.

The final witness of the morning, DCI Agent Jason Ownens testified that Lisa Techel's cell phone wasnâ??t examined until this May.

The defense hopes to use that information as it tries to show jurors that investigators didn't conduct a thorough investigation.

In the abbreviated afternoon session, jurors saw an unusual recreation of testimony from the first trial.

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