Democratic congressional candidate for Missouri's 6th District talks about campaign

Kyle Yarber, a Democrat running for Missouri's 6th Congressional District spoke with KTVO about his campaign and about issues he would take-up in congress.

Yarber is running against Republican Sam Graves. The district is one of the largest in the country, and in fact, larger than some states.

Yarber told KTVO that one of his biggest concerns is how we treat our farmers; and that he would have their best interests in mind if chosen to represent them in Washington.

"We've got to do the job to help agriculture. If you go across this district, this district is 36 counties, it is predominantly rural and agriculture is the single largest industry up here and we have to do everything we can for all the farmers, large and small. We have to get smart with finding new markets. We've got to protect them because farming is northern Missouri, " said Yarber.

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