Democrats hit the street to get out the vote

With the election just three days away, campaigns are hitting the streets. On Saturday, KTVO went to the headquarters of the Wapello County Democratic Party as they were preparing to take to the streets to get out the vote.

â??I think it is wonderful, that is what democracy is all about; and everyone should take the opportunity to get out and vote,â?? said State Representative Mary Gaskill.

Gaskill, a former county auditor for Wapello County, was referring to the number of absentee votes that have been turned in around the Hawkeye State.

According to the Iowa Secretary of Stateâ??s office, 584,000 ballots have been turned in, exceeding the 2008 record of 545,000. Of those ballots, 70 percent were mailed in, 20 percent were cast at county auditor offices and 10 percent were cast at satellite locations.

For Gaskill, it is not only a testament to Iowans, but to the campaigns as well.

â??It is a great effort that we put forth for the absentees and I congratulate all the hard work our people have done to get out the absentees. We have done very, very well,â?? Gaskill said.

Gaskill was participating, along with other Democrats, in a get out the vote drive. U.S. Representative Dave Loebsack helped out as well; once again telling voters and the community that he wants to represent everyone, not just constituents in his own party.

â??This district is diverse. There are blue parts, red parts and purple parts. I am looking forward to representing this 24 county district beginning in January,â?? Loebsack said.

The congressman has always told KTVO in previous interviews that he has and is willing to reach across the aisle, and he stressed that Saturday when talking about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and President Obamaâ??s exchange regarding Hurricane Sandy.

â??He understands that we need to come together when it comes to these kinds of disasters and to his credit, he is doing that with the President, and the President is doing that with him. That is what the American people expect. They expect us to work together, not just on disasters but on all problems that are facing us,â?? Loebsack said.