Demolition request for old Kirksville building is approved

A Kirksville city committee gives codes and planning the ok to give a property owner a chance to decide what to do with a 90-year-old building that is in disrepair.

At Wednesday afternoon's Kirksville Historic Preservation Committee meeting, the committee approved a demolition request for the old Miller Building on Jefferson and Franklin Street in downtown Kirksville.

The building is currently vacant and in poor condition. For the past year, an individual has attempted to purchase the building but has not been able to do so, and there has been no current effort by the owner to bring the building up to city codes.

For the city enough was enough and something needs to be done about the building.

"The condition of the building is just not good. It is an eyesore...everybody knows that. We've got complaints. It was a tough decision for some, but I believe they made the right decision. I'm glad they did. Hopefully we can get something done," said Kirksville Codes and Planning Director Brad Selby.

Selby told KTVO that now the owner will get a demolition order by the city to require the owner to either repair the building or demolish it.

The Miller Building is not on the city's list of historic structures.