Department of Conservation sees low numbers from turkey season

The state had its third lowest number of turkeys checked in for the fall firearms hunting season. This year's season ended on Halloween.

The Department of Conservation also noticed a decline in turkey hunting permits. More people are interested in getting fall archery permits.

The numbers across Missouri have been going down since the late 80â??s. Conservation Agent Marsha Jones says that she focuses on people harvesting turkeys safely and not having any hunting accidents.

â??Our numbers continue to decline because we are not having as many hunters involved in the season. Part of that is because we have opened up a 31 day season that used to be a 14 day season so folks have other things going on and keep thinking I'll get to the woods, I'll get to the woods and then they don't end up doing that,â?? said Jones.

This year, northeast Missouri had the smallest decline in turkeys checked in compared to the rest of the state.