Deputy: Men making meth at senior housing unit

John D. Lewis, of LaBelle, Mo.

Three Heartland men are accused of making meth at a northeast Missouri senior housing complex.

The alleged crime was discovered by a Lewis County sheriff's deputy over the weekend at an apartment at LaBelle Senior Housing.

Arrested were Roman Lay, 25, of Lewistown, Charles Lay, 27, of Lewistown and John D. Lewis, 41, of LaBelle.

All three suspects are charged with felony manufacture of methamphetamine.

They're being held in the Lewis County Jail on $50,000 bond each.

The Sheriff's Office said a deputy was attempting to locate a wanted man at the apartment on North 6th Street in LaBelle Saturday.

As he approached, he smelled odors coming from the apartment that are associated with meth-making.

Investigators said the deputy found the three men actively involved in the production of meth at the time of their arrest.