Despite small voter turnout, supervisors don't regret holding special election

The Wapello County Board of Supervisors had the option of either appointing someone to fill the recorder position or holding a special election, so with around 1,635 people, or 7 percent of the countyâ??s eligible voters turning out to vote -- was the election worth it?

â??People have fought and died to get the right to vote,â?? Jerry Parker Wapello County Board of Supervisorâ??s Vice Chair, said. It's best to give them that opportunity. We can't make them vote, but I'd much rather be criticized for allowing people to vote and spending some money on an election than be criticized for taking away that right to vote.â??

The Wapello County Recorder position will be back on the ballot in June of 2014 for the general election. That winner will serve a four year term.