Destination Unknown: paranormal investigators

Destination Unknown

Do you believe in life after death?

Or, even paranormal activity?

Well, if so youâ??re not alone.

They go by the name Destination Unknown.

William Howard, Trinity Howard, Tonya Berry and Logan Lowe are on the quest to find not if there are ghosts and spirits, but why a spirit stays behind.

â??(We search for) why (a spirit) canâ??t roam out, do they still have emotional feelings?â?? Lowe said. â??You know, what it's like to be where they're at. Because, there's a reason that they're still there...that they haven't moved on.â??

Trinity said her first experience doing a paranormal investigation turned out to be an interesting night.

â??No matter where we were, we were always having that feeling (that) something was watching us,â?? Howard said. â??And, before the end of the night (Williamâ??s) friend had got possessed.â??

The group has done numerous investigations at cemeteries. And, one specifically is the Highland Park Cemetery in Kirksville.

Where, superstitions surround a particular chair called the â??Devil's Chair.â??

â??Itâ??s an urban legend,â?? Berry said. â??The young would come out at night at a specific timeâ??s maybe Halloween or New Years Eve, and they would be dared to sit in the chair. It is told in the urban legend that you would either be reprimanded or praised for being able to have the courage to sit in the chair.â??

Lowe said this is something he does to get an adrenaline rush.

â??Youâ??re sitting in the dark somewhere you get hot one minute, then you get cold, then you get the chills, then the light kicks on,â?? Lowe said.

But, Destination Unknown said investigating is not for everyone.

â??It's not something that you want to go mess with,â?? Howard said. â??You have to take it (seriously). If you don't take it serious bad things can come., I have experienced bad before. Itâ??s a feeling that you don't ever want to have.â??

Howard also said if youâ??re going to investigate itâ??s important that you do your research.

â??Weâ??re not going to say we're experts, because were not,â?? Howard said.

â??But, at the same time we have done our research. We carry holy water with us at all times. We have a Saint Michaels pendant that we were around our neck. Every hunt that we go on we say a little prayer to Saint Michaels before we enter a building before we do anything.â??

The group we begin doing ghost tours at the Elizabeth Hospital in Hannibal, Missouri. If you have any questions, you can contact the team on their Facebook page, or by email

You can also reach them by phone (660) 216-2724 and (816) 506-3411.