Detecting vision problems early, for free

Vision problems can affect up to five percent of young children, yet only 15% of children under age five ever undergo an eye exam.

The Missouri Lions Club has been working hard and hopes to change that by provide free vision testing to area children.

If caught early, many eye problems can be corrected. However, if left unattended the problem can get worse and lead to further problems down the road.

â??We come out to daycares and head starts and any centers that will allow us to come check their children. Itâ??s a free vision screening. If we can catch children early, things can be corrected with their vision. If we do not then the older they get, the worse their vision becomes and we can not get our sight back once we lose it. It is really important that we catch children. It impacts their behavior in the classroom which impacts their education and learning,â?? Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation Vision Screening Technician Malinda Crouch.

The test is quick, easy and painless to children. Precise and accurate results come back within seconds and parents are later notified to take their children into a eye doctor for a full examination.

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