Diabetics learn to handle holiday foods at community lecture

Ottumwa Regional Health Center hosted a community lecture Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday evening, Ottumwa Regional Health Center hosted a community lecture focused on those with Diabetes.

With the holiday season upon us, those with Diabetes have to watch what they eat and how much they consume.

The program titled, â??Diabetic Thanksgivingâ?? was an opportunity for the community to hear about Diabetes and what it does to the body. The program also included Ottumwa Regionalâ??s Director of Nutritional Services, Duane Wood, showing off alternative foods one can consume over the holiday.

â??The big meals at Thanksgiving are basically consisting of carbohydrates. You have your biscuits, youâ??ve got your stuffing, and youâ??ve got all of your potatoes, and you have to take that all in. If you are a diabetic and you take too much of it, it can make your sugars go completely out of whack,â?? said Dr. Sandro Younadam with Ottumwa Regional Health Center.

â??They are great flavors (referring to the alternative foods), but so many people get used to the traditional Thanksgiving and the choices; they are afraid to go out and try something new and different,â?? said Chef Duane Wood.

Wood says that if you are interested in having the recipes featured during the presentation, you can contact him at Ottumwa Regional Health Center.

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