Discussions continue in Sheriff's budget

Adair County Commissioners meet to discuss and clarify budget items with the Adair County Sheriff's Office as work continues on the 2012 county operating budget.

The two parties met at the commissioners office Tuesday afternoon in Kirksville.

Commissioners have been very pleased with how Adair County Sheriff Robert Hardwick and his office have trimmed the budget. He is asking for 1.4 million dollars for the Sheriff's Office budget.

But a sticking point in budget negotiations involves the countryside account.

"There are funds right now in the Sheriff's budget in funding sources that will allow him, as far as the commission is concerned, to supply those needs. The reasons we have not approved then expander of $45,000 from the countryside account is we don't feel that it's needed based upon the funds that are available to the Sheriff this year."

Thompson says that the countryside account be used only if it is absolutely necessary.

"It has been used in the past. The former Sheriff requested money, there was $5,000 per budget year that we allocated for his needs." Said Adair County Commissioner Mark Thompson. "Right now it is used as an "as needed" basis. About $45,000 was requested with 2012. Within a little over 2 years, that fund would be completely exhausted. It is not renewable. We can't put money back into it."

Despite a few heated disagreements, county commissioners are feeling positive about the budget and appreciate the open communication with the Sheriff's Office.

Other items discussed included budgeting holiday and comp time pay for the office employees and the possibility of getting a new car.

The budget must be sent and approved to the state by the end of this month.