DNA lab delayed 4-6 months

KIRKSVILLE, MO. -- Recently officials involved in a major economic development project announced funding problems is causing delays. We sent our Fact Finder Team to find out how Human Identification Technologies will continue plans for a DNA lab without the support of key investors. CEO Blaine Kern says he has lost a couple of key investors and hasn't made much progress on the building.

Initially we thought that we would have the project completed by July actually and now we're looking at probably a four month to six month delay in the project. Again, that's because of the economy the fact that the funding has become more elusive, said CEO of Human Identification Technologies Blaine Kern.

Kern says the building will hold the HIT DNA lab and a police crime lab. The two are completely separate but will collaborate together.

Kern says they're looking at working with other agencies to bring the project to reality.

Truman State University has put together a minor in forensic science that meets all of the FBI requirements for DNA analysis and then you know we also talked about potential collaborations with A. T. Still University and Truman for research and development, said Kern.

Kern says the city is also supporting the project. He says he will look at local investors to help fund the lab. Kern gives credit to the community of Kirksville to help make this project a reality. He says when Kirksville comes together and rallies, they get things done! He says there's a true value in this community for the lab and to bring new jobs to Kirksville.

Kern also has a lab in California. To watch a video from that lab, click here.