DNA lab funding sought

The Kirksville City Council approved resolution Monday evening to authorize the submission of a community development block grant action fund loan for Human Identification Technologies for the amount of $450,000.

H.I.T., Inc a private forensic DNA testing laboratory headquarted in Redlands, California expanded to Missouri in 2008.

H.I.T.(Human Identification Technologies) acquired a 23.500 square foot building, located at 616 East Shepherd Avenue in Kirksville and was scheduled to open in 2009.

However, the company ran into financial troubles and its main investors were not able to contribute the funds that were originally planned for back in August of 2008.

In 2009, Blaine Kern,CEO of Human Identification Technologies stated,

"Due to the national economic decline the financial commitment was lost from several key investors. This has caused a delay in funding for the first phase of the DNA project. We are committed to bring this project to fruition as soon as possible and we are exploring any and all options at this time."

That time is now.

The new loan of $450,000 will allow the city to create 18 new jobs over a three year period.

The city will not be held accountable for the funds.

The loan will be between the state of Missouri and H.I.T.

The loan is expected to be completed sometime in May.