DNA lab gets momentum

After a bit of a standstill, the Human Identification Technologies DNA lab in Kirksville is finally moving forward. This week the company started delivering lab equipment and instruments into the empty building. The last load of supplies should arrive on Saturday.

We're actually trying to bring all of our testing out into Missouri and we're going to continue the consulting operation in California. We TMve made a decision to go ahead to really try and bring 100 percent of the testing operations out to Missouri, and of course into Kirksville, said Blaine Kern, President. Kern says the company was planning to have labs in both locations, but recently decided to consolidate. HIT is also in its first phase of laboratory construction. Once the lab is set up, the company will have to get FBI accreditation to start forensic DNA testing.

I'm hoping that the building part portion is done within four months. Could be a little less, could be a little more, don't really know at this point but we are going to make forward progress on the project. Obviously the faster we can get the laboratory built and the equipment up and running is advantageous for the company and the city, Kern said. Kern says he is excited to have the project back on track. He says they are still looking for investment, but the company does have enough revenue generation to slowly build the Kirksville site.