DNR loads pond with trout

Anglers take to the Greater Ottumwa Park for some great fishing.

The Iowa DNR released 1,500 rainbow trout in one of the ponds at the park Friday morning and another 15 to 20 brook trout. This is the second time this year the DNR has stocked the pond. The first time was back in March.

DNR official Mark Flammang says now is a great time to fish in the state.

In the first month after stocking a very large portion of these fish will be captured and then they TMll catch the rest of them through the winter, Flammang said.

About a dozen people were out before noon today to try to catch the newly released fish. The best chance will probably be this weekend.

Sometimes we stock fish and people catch them five minutes after. Sometimes the next day is better. I think Saturday tomorrow morning will definitely be a prime time to be here."