Do you have what it takes for the 90 Day Fitness Challenge?

Itâ??s called the 90 Day Fitness Challenge. Jamie Brechon, owner of Work it Out Fitness developed this plan to help motivate her clients to exercise more.

It takes at least 90 days to start seeing a change in weight or improved fitness. With summer just around the corner, this is an ideal time to whip your body into shape.

â??The idea is to set a small goal, a fitness goal, a nutrition goal, measurable and small like you want to do more push ups on your toes and want to get your upper body started, you want to get your booty lifted. And then we work on it over the next 90 days, then start a new one in the summer,â?? said Jamie Brechon.

Brechon offers many different classes for every fitness level. Zumba and Body Combat are just a couple that are offered. Walking into the studio, you canâ??t help but want to move your body because of the hot tunes that are blaring out of the stereo speakers.

â??With the music playing and the fun people that attend the classes, you donâ??t even feel like you are working out. Then you find yourself sweating at the end of the class which proves you had a good workout,â?? said Brechon.

Those that choose to participate in the 90 Day Fitness Challenge will write on the â??class boardâ?? what they want to improve about their fitness ability or a specific area on their body.

â??Usually we find that if we can get people committing to three months that they seem to stick it out and see by then - you'll see results. Sometimes the scale doesn't show exactly what's going on with your body and a lot of women tend to focus on the number on the scale,â?? said Brechon.

The challenge is not only for those that are looking to lose weight but for those that want to maintain weight loss or just keep a healthier lifestyle.

Prizes will be given away during the 90 days for those that achieve their fitness goals and for participating in so many classes.