Do you think your children need a reality check?

Students at Green City High School participated in the Financial Reality Fair.

Students at Green City High School experienced life as an adult Tuesday.

â??Itâ??s been really realistic,â?? said Green City Sophomore Raeann Kilgore.

It is called a financial reality fair. The fair is where students learn how to live off a budget, buy a house, a car and maybe pay for child care.

â??They are given scenarios where they have a job and have a wage,â?? said Business Teacher Amanda Lunsford. â??They may have a family. They may have debt and they have to figure that all in and make a budget. The goal is to have money left at the end of the month."

Kilgore was an economist and made $2,500 a month. She said she was able to buy a house and car with the help of her assigned husband's income too.

"You don't imagine how much you actually make your parents work, or how much they actually spend on you until you actually have a child for yourself and have to do it for yourself,â?? Kilgore said.

Lunsford said this experience has opened the eyes of many students. "A lot of them have already determined that kids are very expensive and so even some of our freshmen and younger kids are getting early experience at this."

The Missouri Counsel for Economic Education and the Missouri Credit Union Associations put on the event.