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      Do you wait until the last minute to shop for your valentine?

      Telling by the out-of-stock items in stores, people in the Heartland seemed to have been prepared for Valentines Day.

      Many of the shelves at Walmart are empty, but there is still an assortment of items to choose from, if you're a last minute shopper.

      Out of all the common Valentine??s Day presents, employees say the giant stuffed animals have been the gift of choice.

      If you haven??t already gotten yours, you??re not the only one. Walmart expects to see people rushing in throughout the evening, for those last minute gifts.

      ??Yesterday was an extremely busy day and we see that normally the night before, especially high school age students come in and shop for their significant others,?? said Doug Nichting, Store Manager of Walmart. ??Today it??ll be the guys and we??ll see them clear up till 8 o??clock tonight, scrambling to find that last minute thing that they??ve forgotten about.??

      If you forgot about Valentines Day, you still have time. And it??s always better late than never.