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      Doctor exam through use of robot

      Technology is changing everything and it is changing the way we interact with doctors. Do you have Facetime or Skype? Well, imagine doing that with your doctor in the emergency room. As a patient in the hospital you expect to see nurses and doctors roam the halls, but at Putnam County Memorial Hospital there is something else that makes rounds.

      It is called RP-Lite. It is a robot that allows doctors to consult with hospital patients from anywhere that has a wireless connection as a Telepresence. "It frees me up to be able to be away from the hospital, but still able to give my patients the care that they want,â?? said Putnam County Hospitalâ??s Dawn Fairley, D.O. â??It helps personalize their care, because they don't feel deserted if Iâ??m going to be out of town."

      There is also a phone if the doctor wants to have a private conversation with the patient or nurse. The RP-Lite can pan, tilt and zoom. "You can get very close into the eye if there's a problem,â?? Fairley said. â??I was able to get very close to an arm to look at a skin condition. Itâ??s very easy to see everything that I could see if I was standing right beside the bed."

      You won't find another one like it, anywhere close. "Itâ??s the first one in the region and certainly the first to be utilized for other than specialty consults. Weâ??re using it for in patient care as well as emergency room visits,â?? Fairley said. The hospital has had RP-Lite since the end of June.