Doctors say Rep. Todd Akin's claims have no validity

Republican Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin is standing firm in his candidacy.

He spent Monday fighting to keep his Senate campaign alive after saying in an interview that women's bodies sometimes are able to prevent pregnancies from what he called "a legitimate rape." He also said that pregnancy from rape is 'really rare.'

The statements have set off a furor, and doctors are saying there is nothing accurate about his statements.

Ralph Boling, D.O., an OB/GYN at the A.T. Still University Gutensohn Clinic said pregnancy from rape occurs pretty often if the woman is ovulating at the time of the incident.

"It's not rare at all," said Dr. Boling. "Ovulation is not under a woman's control. It's a physiologic process that occurs, timed with her cycle and if she has normal cycles, and normal ovulations, and not using contraception, ovulation would typically occur around Day 14 of her cycle regardless of the circumstances surrounding that. There's no physiologic process that would allow a woman to selectively stop ovulating in a forcible rape situation."

Akin has tweeted that he's in the race to win and that "we need a conservative Senate." He asked for help defeating Democratic U.S. Sen.. Claire McCaskill and posted a link to a website for online campaign contributions. Meanwhile, a National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee official tells The Associated Press that the group's head, Texas Sen. John Cornyn, called Rep. Todd Akin on Monday. The official said that Cornyn told Akin that $5 million in advertising the committee had set aside for the Missouri race would be spent elsewhere.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the conversation was private.

Akin is running against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill. He has apologized for the comments, but said Monday he is refusing to leave the race. McCaskill on the other hand tweeted the day the interview was released that "as a woman & former prosecutor who handled 100s of rape cases, I'm stunned by Rep Akin's comments about victims."

The Associated Press has contributed to this report.