Does age matter for a political candidate?

Republican candidates at the Tea Party held in Ottumwa on Saturday

Republican candidates for Iowa House District 81 Rick McClure and Blake Smith were at a local Tea Party forum Saturday afternoon at the Country Kitchen.

One of the hot topics brought up was the nearly 30-year age difference between the two candidates.

McClure said his age has allowed him to have more life experiences making him the more qualified candidate.

Smith on the other hand said his age should not be a factor in the election.

â??Frankly â?? no offense to my opponentâ??but I wonâ??t ever give the keys to my hot rod to a 22-year-old,â?? said McClure

â??You got to be 21 by the Iowa Constitution and anyone older than that â?? that understands the lawâ?? understands the constitution can get it done,â?? said Smith

The two candidates will face off in a Republican Primary on June 5th. Whoever wins the primary will square off against Democrat incumbent Representative Mary Gaskill in the November election.