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      Does free beach mean free-for-all?

      It was supposed to be a place for family fun, but one person's experience wasn't so fun.

      Earlier this year the beach at Thousand Hills State Park became a free beach.

      It was supposed to be a place for family fun, but one person's experience wasn't so fun.

      We received an email from a viewer that told us the atmosphere was not pleasant, and in fact the person says it was less than appealing and shameful.

      So we went to Thousand Hills to speak with some beachgoers about their experience.

      Chow is from China, and Friday was his first time at the beach. â??Security thing," said Chow. "Thereâ??s some kids playing here, maybe if there's someone here to make sure they're safe during their play."

      We tried reaching out to the Thousand Hills State Park staff, but we're waiting to hear back from the public relations and media personnel for an official statement or an on camera interview.

      "When it's more crowded it's a lot less pleasant to be around here," said beachgoer Mary Viets. "Just some of the behavior is more of an issue. Certain people who come to the beach and aren't always courteous to other people who are there as well."

      Viets also told us that she remembers coming to the beach and noticing a woman walking around topless with children in sight. We asked Viets what could be done and she told us sheâ??s not sure.

      â??I really like that itâ??s a free, so Iâ??m worried if I say add staff that would change," said Viets. "Maybe just post something about fines being enforced if courtesy is not there."

      We'd like to hear what you think about Thousand Hills State Park's free beach. Has your experience there been pleasant, or not so much?

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