Does putting plastic over your windows save you money?

Does putting plastic over your windows really save you money on your utility bills?

That is what you wanted to know for the Facebook story of the week.

Many people say you should cover your windows with plastic.

Energy Auditor Eric Amini-Rad said it does help as far as cutting air flow, but a lot of times water builds up inside between the window and plastic and can cause moisture to seep into your house.

Amini-Rad said itâ??s important to glaze outside windows and to seal electric outlets.

â??If they put insulator plates on all the exterior wallsâ?¦it really helps with air flow going through the house,â?? Amini-Rad said.

Using fluorescent light bulbs can help you save money as well.

â??You may not need them in every single light socket, but in your living room, your dining room or your reading lamp...really concentrate on the popular areas in the house and over time that will probably save you easily 20 bucks a month,â?? Amini-Rad said.

He said it's best to focus on the exterior of your home.

â??You need to be focusing on the outside,â?? he said. â??Really pay attention to your exterior walls (because) if you close off your exterior walls from air coming in the air (is) not going to be moving around in the inside of the house.â??

The weatherization program is free with Northeast Missouri Community Action Agency.

To find out if you qualify for the program, click HERE.

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