Dog gets treatment for cancer thanks to the Magic Bullet

A Unionville family is helping their dog get treatment for cancer all thanks to the Magic Bullet Fund.

A Unionville family is getting their dog cancer treatment all thanks to one special organization.

About 4 months ago, Mark Viers' dog Jia was diagnosed with nose cancer and has been undergoing radiation therapy ever since.

Jia's medical bills began to pile up and Viers went on the internet to see if he could get financial assistance. It was then he came across the Magic Bullet Fund Organization which has helped hundreds of dog owners get their treatment for their sick pets.

"They are a non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible. It's funded by a former vet, Laurie Kaplan, who has written a book. Basically they will start a campaign for your dog. They will get donations to help see that your dog gets the care that it needs," Viers said.

Thanks to the assistance of the Magic Bullet Fund, Jia can continue fighting the cancer.

If you would like to help make a donation to the organization or help Jia, click here to the Magic Bullet Fund website.