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      Dog park could be coming to Kirksville

      Kirksville residents could have a new place to let their dogs mix and mingle later this year.

      City Council Member Glen Moritz was at Tuesday afternoon's meeting of the Kirksville Lakes, Parks and Recreation Committee to present the council's proposal to establish a community dog park.

      The park would be located at the roadside park on South Franklin Street.

      It would be a fenced-in place for pet owners to bring their dogs to run loose.

      LPRC committee members expressed their support for this new city project.

      "It's a green light ahead. We have a meeting on March 20. The committee will be raising funds to match with the city's funds. Several people have already contacted me to be a part of that committee," Moritz said.

      Moritz says he needs more support to make this park a reality.

      The dog park committee will have its first meeting on Thursday, March 20 at 5:30 p.m at the Economic Development Alliance Building.

      If all goes according to plan, organizers hope to have the dog park completed by August.