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      Dogs may have a new place to roam in Kirksville


      Last Thursday, March 20th, members of the Kirksville community met at the Economic Development Alliance Building to select members of the dog park committee. The City of Kirksville is hoping to establish a dog park at the Roadside Park on South Franklin Street in Kirksville.

      There were about 20-25 members assigned to the committee on Thursday. There was no voting held, but those who showed up to the meeting were assigned duties. The estimated cost of the project is about $39,000 total.

      â??They'll be working on raising the funds that will go towards the project and the layout of the park and providing input for that and establishing the rules that people using the park will have to abide by,â?? said Kirksville's Assistant City Manager, Ashley Young.

      The next dog park committee meeting will be held Thursday, April 3 at 5:30 p.m. in the Economic Development Alliance Building in Kirksville.


      Dogs of all shapes and sizes could get a new place to run and play in the city of Kirksville.

      The City Council is hoping to establish a dog park. If all goes as planned, the park will be located at the Roadside Park on South Franklin Street. Dogs would be able to roam the fenced-in park, thanks to two enclosed areas. One area for larger breed dogs, and the other for smaller dogs.

      The estimated cost for the project is $39,000, which includes fencing and money for relocating water pipes to make water available to the dogs. City Councilman Glen Mortiz told KTVO he's received great community support for the project.

      "I just forsee this being a really great addition to what the city of Kirksville has to offer. For you know its own residents, students, as well as peple that are driving through Kirksville," said Mortiz.

      The city will pay for half of the expenses for the dog park project. Moritz is looking to put a committee together to help riase funds for the other half. If you're interested in joining, the committee will have its first meeting on March 20th at 5:30 p.m. at the Economic Development Alliance Building in Kirksville.