Doing things the 'Blue Pride' way

Grant Elementary School

Albia Community Schools District has been in session for a little over a month now and Superintendent Kevin Crall is feeling that â??blue pride.â??

He said the school district is cracking down on bullying this school year.

â??Well we brought in a guest speaker last week, his name was Kevin Honeycutt, he talked to the kids about treating people nicely online, the cyber bullying concept -- so utilizing technology, social media, in a positive way not just in a negative way and we think that was positive. We had an opening assembly for grades 3-12 talking about doing things the â??blue prideâ?? way -- that's our slogan here in Albia, doing things the â??blue prideâ?? way, treating people with respect and then we're also having peer discussions with our high school kids about treating people with respect and helping curtail the cyber bulling, the social network problems that we have found in the past,â?? said Crall.

Beginning in November or December Kendall Elementary, which is currently empty, will be undergoing renovation.

â??Which is going to be our Pre-K center and Central Office so the Central Office will be relocating there. Weâ??re hoping for the fall of 2013 so thatâ??d be august of 2013 be ready to go with Pre-K and also our Central Office,â?? said Crall.

Crall is excited for what it is to come this year.