Donate to keep the Iowa Theater's curtains open

35 mm film will soon no longer be used

The Iowa Theater in Bloomfield may have to close its curtains permanently if the theater operators cannot raise $70,000 quickly.

This comes after the movie industry announced that it will be discontinuing production on 35 mm film by the end of 2013. This means that the theater will have to purchase a digital projector in order to keep showing movies.

â??So itâ??s either convert and keep our theater open and thriving and an active part of the community or close it down and were not â?? weâ??re determined to keep it open and make the transition,â?? said Wayne VanMersbergen, a member of the Board of Directors for the Davis County Fine Arts Council.

The theater is owned by the Davis County Fine Arts Council and has been showing movies since the 1970â??s. The council has set aside $15,000 to kick off the fundraising.

â??We have set a goal of October first to have the money raised so that we can have installation occur December of this year. And then we'll be ready to start off with the new equipment in January, 2013,â?? said VanMersbergen.

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