Donate your lightly worn prom dress to a good cause

So far DCHS has collected nearly a dozen donations for the prom dress exchange.

If you're interested in donating your old prom dresses to a good cause, Davis County High School is hosting a prom dress exchange.

Right now organizers are collecting lightly used formal wear. Chemistry teacher Lori Stuckmeyer says this is the first year the school has done something like this. A parent called the school saying she had two prom dresses she wanted to donate. and the project took off from there.

â??I thought about it for a long time,â?? Stuckmeyer said. â??You hear about it at other schools and what got me was the day before the parent called in, one of my students told me how much they spent for their prom dress, and I about had a stroke, and I went, â??oh myâ??. I have a daughter that's a freshman, thinking how are we going to afford that, and that all just came together.â??

So far they've collected 11 prom dresses. A local dry cleaner donated two dresses. If you're interested in making a donation contact Stuckmeyer or Tammy Roberts at Davis County High School. The attire will be available for students to browse and select on March 1. Everything will be free to the 'shoppers.'