Donkey-back basketball for Post-Prom fundraiser

In Queen City Friday, the big attraction was donkey basketball.

Four teams played in a donkey-back basketball tournament to raise money for the Schuyler County High School After-Prom.

Two of the teams were students and two were made up of adults from the community.

The event drew hundreds of people to the middle school gym. The games didn't look much like basketball, but were definitely fun for those in the crowd, and often painful for the participants.

â??My favorite part is knowing what the donkeys are going to do to the riders before they have a clue what's gonna happen. That and meeting the characters. There's always a lot of personalities in our event,â?? said C.J. Cordell, Dairyland Donkey Ball Owner.

KTVOâ??s Vanessa Alonzo competed alongside other â??celebrity community membersâ?? including the sheriff and alumni.

The fundraiser was the third in Schuyler County in the past five years.